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"A no-cost value add service to my benefits that saved me over $500 and lots of time!"

Michael P., NE

Protection for Your Family, Finances and Future

Welcome to the Legal Reference™ Program

Estate Planning can be overwhelming and most of us simply don't know where to begin. We often place undue stress upon ourselves to make the best decisions to protect our families and finances. This stress is compounded by the fact that most of us aren't experts in estate law. We simply want to know things will be taken care of when the time comes.

The Legal Reference Program is provided to you by Aetna through ARAG®, a global leader of legal insurance and services for nearly 75 years. This site is intended to equip you with the legal tools and information you need to plan for your future, on your own time, without additional costs.  

How it Works

Once you create an account you can:

  1. Create FREE Estate Planning Documents via easy-to-use interactive software

  2. View, Print and Edit personal documents you create

  3. Learn how the document assembly tool works. Get answers about the interactive software.

Additional Resources for You

You've made the smart choice to plan for your future, now it's time to protect the assets you've worked so hard to obtain.

  • Get informed by browsing the Educational Library

  • Protect your identity with an Identity Theft Kit, including materials on prevention and victim action

  • Organize your personal affairs with the Personal Information Organizer

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